Watermelon, a very nutritious fruit that Keeps our skin smooth,Keeps you hydrated.
It is critical to stay hydrated in order for your body to function properly.
Only a few of the bodily processes that rely on adequate hydration are body temperature regulation, normal organ function, nutrient delivery to cells, and alertness.
Eating foods high in water content may help provide your body with the water it requires to function properly.

Watermelon contains 92% water, making it an excellent choice for daily water consumption
Furthermore, because of its high water content, this melon has a low calorie density — that is, it contains very few calories per unit weight.

Watermelon, for example, has a low calorie density and may help with weight management by keeping you feeling fuller for longer.
Anticancer properties are possible.
Several plant compounds found in watermelon, such as lycopene and cucurbitacin E, have anticancer properties.

While study results are mixed, lycopene consumption may be linked to a lower risk of certain cancers, such as prostate and colorectal cancers.
Lycopene is thought to work by lowering insulin-like growth factor levels in the blood, a hormone that promotes cell division. Cancer develops when cell division becomes uncontrollable.

Furthermore, cucurbitacin E may inhibit tumor growth by promoting cancer cell autophagy. The process by which your body eliminates damaged cells is known as autophagy.

It may help with digestion.
Watermelon contains a lot of water and a little fiber, both of which are important for digestion.

Fiber helps keep your bowels regular, while water helps waste move more efficiently through your digestive tract.

According to one survey of 4,561 adults, those with low fluid and fiber intakes were more likely to experience constipation. Other factors, however, could have played a role.

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