Amazing Health Benefits of COCONUT

I’m sure you will start seeing coconut differently after reading this  Health Dose ?

? Coconut helps to regulate blood pressure

? Coconut keeps the immune system Healthy

?Helps in oxygen circulation

? Fasten hair growth, my natural hair lovers you can apply it for your hair growth

?Helps in better digestion

? Coconut keeps the bones healthy

?Kills harmful bacteria in the body

?It keeps the skin glowing

? Improves insulin secretion

Truth be told coconut is one beautiful gift of nature to man, it Helps you to improve your overall health

People ? look things too common expecaillly natural food, we prefer industrial food with three years preservatives ?

Please don’t underate the natural food around you, they are medicine to the body

Let Food be your medicine ??

I hope you have  grabbed something new?

I want to know, leave your answer in the comment box.

I love coconut rice ?
Coconut and bread?
What about you?

Your favorite nutritionist


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