(Music + Lyrics Download) Nathaniel Bassey feat. Victoria Orenze- EBENEZER

Renowned Gospel artist Nathaniel Bassey has teamed up with talented singer Victoria Orenze to release a powerful new track titled “Ebenezer“. The song’s title is a Hebrew word that means “Stone of Help”, and the lyrics express gratitude to God for His faithfulness and provision.

The song’s uplifting message of thanksgiving and praise is sure to resonate with listeners, reminding them of the importance of acknowledging God’s goodness in their lives.

Overall, “Ebenezer” is a beautiful and inspiring addition to Nathaniel Bassey’s already impressive catalog of Gospel music. The collaboration with Victoria Orenze brings a new dimension to the song, with the two artists’ voices blending together perfectly to create a truly memorable listening experience. If you’re a fan of Gospel music, be sure to check out this amazing new track from Nathaniel Bassey and Victoria Orenze!

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