Harmony Okah – Hallujah (Mp3 Download & Lyrics)


Harmony Okah is a Gospel minister, based in Nigeria under SL GRACE MEDIA. Check out her new release titled: Hallelujah

This song was birthed years ago from the book of psalm 24. It centers on God’s greatness and might. He is King of all. The One who upholds the universe with the word of His power (Heb 1:3).

Harmony Okah


Verse one
holy one, you’re the the Lord God most high
the Lord strong and mighty in battle
ancient door and gates bow to you
yes you’re the King of glory



Ancient one,
Your years never fail
Forever and ever you’re the same
Situations and storm bow to you
Yes you’re the king of Glory



The bridge is it oh oh oh or, uh uh uh.

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